Kinetic Fighting – Integrated Combat (KEF–IC)

We are now trained and licensed to deliver Kinetic Fighting – Integrated Combat (KEF–IC)

Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC) is now being offered to non-military personnel through selected training agents, contracted to KEF Group. This system is sure to be a preferred martial art/fighting system into the future, so don’t miss the opportunity to get in early and train to become one of the first KEF–IC Black Belts/Combatives Master Trainers) in the world.

In addition to learning a completely new system, you will learn effective self-protection skills from the ground up, focusing on mindset, tactics, and legal and moral considerations. The techniques taught are simple, scalable (depending on escalation) and easily repeatable with a high percentage of success. Best of all, the system can be taught to those with no martial arts background and/or those who have trained for decades. Everyone will learn from this system.  Make no mistake, this system will be a major competitor of Krav Maga and other fighting systems. Being an Australian-developed system, which has its roots in the Australian Army, adds to its attraction!

KEF–IC was developed by Paul Cale, a former Commando with multiple combat tours. Paul re-wrote the book on Special Forces Close-Quarter Fighting, going on to develop the Infantry Integrated Combat system, which later became the foundation for the Army Combatives Program (ACP). Whilst KEF–IC is not the same as the ACP, it is closely aligned. Paul is now the CEO of KEF Group, which owns the IP for the (KEF–IC) system, which encapsulates the methods underpinning his military programs. To better understand what drove Paul to develop this system, you need to know that his mission is to make every soldier an expert in close-quarter fighting, increasing their survivability on the battlefield. This has followed through to the KEF–IC system.

Paul has multiple black belts, include Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Kudo Daido Juku, Kyokushin karate and three aikido styles (Yoshinkan, Tomiki and Gyokushin Ryu), as well as the Olympic combat sports of judo and taekwondo. Paul was also the first Australian to earn a Kudo black belt and first branch chief of the International Kudo Federation Australia (IKFA). If you’re 17 and want to learn this system, give us a ring.  If you decide to train with us and learn both Hapkido and KEF–IC, get a huge discount and learn both fighting systems.  Go on.  Start your journey today!!