Jissen Budo

We now offer Jissen Budo

Jissen Budo has now been introduced to our school and offered as an additional Martial art. 

Jissen Budo International (JBI)

Jissen Budo International (JBI) is a standard-bearer in the training and assessment of martial arts skills, designed for real combat.  As an association of practically-minded and committed budoka, Jissen Budo provides assistance, recognition and skill-sharing opportunities to martial artists across Australia and Internationally.

What is Jissen Budo

Jissen Budi looks at all areas of hand to hand combat. This includes ‘at range’ (Stikes, Kicks, Elbows, Knees etc), ‘clinching’ (hand/grip fighting, body movement, takedowns, throws, sweeps etc) and ‘ground’ (all aspects of fighting on the ground). Included at all ranges will be locks, pressure points etc.

We will prepare you for your JBI Black belt

As a JBI school, we will prepare students for their Black belt grading attempt, as well as offering a coloured belt grading system all the way to black.

Do you have what it takes?

If you have what it takes, or simply want to get what it takes to be an awesome martial artists across all areas of fighting (at range, clinching and ground), join our program and be the best you can be.