What our Students think!

“A wonderful place to learn a Martial art and self defence. Henry is an extremely supportive teacher and all the students are excellent training partners. I have learnt so much in less than a year and my fitness and confidence has improved. Highly recommended”.

Sarah Jane C

“This is a great school for anyone looking to build fitness, learn an important set of life skills, and to have fun.  I had always wanted to learn a martial art but was a bit worried about how I would fit into what can be a very competitive environment.  Henry’s classes are the perfect mix of supportive encouragement and constructive feedback, and all the students are kind, caring and keen to see you achieve.  He encourages all to train with the school’s values, with mateship being especially important.  I would recommend this school to anyone as a great step into the world of martial arts”.

Megan Jeffers

I had wanted to try martial arts for a long time but always felt I was too unfit to even bother trying. But after a recommendation from a friend I decided to give Hapkido a go and I absolutely love it! I was straight into it, immediately learning defensive manoeuvres in the first lesson. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and knowing I now posses skills to defend myself despite my lower fitness level has given me a huge amount of confidence. It has also helped direct me towards a healthier lifestyle as I’m inspired to become better and better at Hapkido. Henry, the instructor, is an incredibly caring, patient and genuine person who is passionate about sharing his knowledge of martial arts. He is about you being a better, more confident person and isn’t about students simply achieving the next level belt. If you have always wanted to give martial arts a try or want to extend your existing knowledge from another discipline, then try Hapkido! Fit, unfit, older, younger, everyone is welcome at Henry’s club and everyone walks away better for coming”.

Kelley McKeown

“I’ve been involved in martial arts for 17 years but it wasn’t until I discovered Hapkido that I found a style I truly enjoyed. Henry is an extremely knowledgeable instructor that runs his adult classes in a relaxed, often student-led way. He has created a friendly, nurturing culture amongst his students where everyone encourages each other’s progress. Henry supports all levels of ability and goes above and beyond to prepare his students for their gradings. The kids classes are lots of fun. My son tells me going to training is the highlight of his week. Henry works well with the children ensuring they work hard but also enjoy the experience of learning this art. You can easily tell Henry is very passionate about Hapkido and sharing his knowledge. He runs a lot of classes so that busy families like mine can incorporate training into their busy week”.

Tania M

“Fantastic teaching and a really friendly, supportive environment. Lots of fun and great stress relief. Girl-friendly, but not watered down or patronising. Girls and guys are treated equally, so it’s not watered down or “girly”. Training is done with all genders, sizes and body shapes, making it fantastic for self defence, but everyone treats everyone else with respect and we all look after each other. There is no judgement if you are particularly bad at something. Or if you are totally uncoordinated at first.  Your training partners will all make sure you get there in the end”.

Aletia J