Teenagers Hapkido 13-16

Adult and Teenage syllabus is the same

Our teenage program caters for 13-16 yo. Teenagers are taught the same syllabus as the adults, therefore, will take their belt colour to the Adult program when they reach 17. Because the Falcon (8-12yo) program has a different syllabus, they will revert to white belt as they join the teenage program.

At our school, teenagers will not be able to get a black belt until they enter the Adult program. This is due to two reasons. Firstly it will be unlikely that they will be ready, given the time in the teenage program. Secondly, it ensures a level of maturity before being taught the more dynamic techniques.

School values and way of life

All students at Centenary Martial Arts, are encouraged to adopt our values of Courage (physical and moral), Integrity, Loyalty and Mateship. We also encourage teenagers to build resilience.

At Centenary Martial Arts, we think it is important to: always have a dream; be true to yourself; be the best you can be; and aim for things just out of reach.

Whilst our values and ‘way of life’ help teenagers during the Martial Arts journey, it also helps prepare them for life.

We reserve the right to refuse training if convicted of a violence offence

We are strong believers that violence is wrong and as a Martial artist, it should only be used when absolutely necessary and only to the level needed. In fact, we reserve the right to refuse training to any student, convicted of a violence offence, including Domestic Violence.

Our instructors

As an Asia Pacific Self Defence school, CMA is an Instructor Certified school through Martial Arts Australia. Our instructors are Hapkido and self-defence trained. They hold a current CPR and first aid qualification and a QLD Government ‘Blue Card’.