Korean Martial Art

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art with its parenthood in the Japanese and traditional indigenous Korean Martial Arts. It was developed in the 1960s and is considered a combat Martial Art. It’s highly eclectic and a great Martial Art if you want to learn self-defence.

Mixed Martial Art

As a Mixed Martial Art, it utilises techniques such as kicks, strikes, locks, joint manipulation and pressure points. It has take-downs, throws, grappling and blocking. Fighting on the ground is taught in lying and sitting positions, with an emphasis on self-defence and getting back to your feet. Hapkido also includes kick and weapon defence, including knife, sword, short and medium length sticks and batons.


Hapkido places an emphasis on circular motion, redirection of force (least resistance) and control of your opponent (water theory).

Our Hapkido classes

Hapkido is for all age groups. We run Hapkido classes at Centenary Martial Arts for:
Adults 17 and above;
Teenagers 13-16yo:
Falcons 8-12yo;
Wallabies 6-7yo; and
Bilbies 4-5yo.